As a professor, I keep looking for good videos for students. I looked for one about note-taking and couldn’t find one.. .so I decided to make one. Please share with anyone who is taking any courses, especially high school or university students. This is the easiest way to raise your grades and to truly learn in a meaningful manner!

An important part of education is learning how to work as part of a group. Many employers actively look for this skill set when hiring. Here is my video as to how to get your group working well in an education setting.

More studies indicate that using a laptop is detrimental to learning as compared to taking notes by hand.  Instead of just trying to get everything down, the student must mentally digest the material as they write by hand and retain the information much better.  A study by Mueller and Oppenheimer in Psychological Science shows a significant difference in performance with respect to conceptual understanding.  To make things worse for the laptop users, it is too tempting to start to lose attention and start going onto social media such as Facebook!