Hi there,

My name is David Wang and I am a professor at the University of Waterloo in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.  I have been a faculty member since 1989 and I thought I would like to create a blog to gather my thoughts and opinions on what it is like to be an academic.  Things have definitely changed since I first became a faculty member and, to be honest, I just need a place to talk about these changes.  I don’t know if anyone will ever be interested enough even to listen but this is more for me than for anyone else!

I have been a solid researcher with over 130 peer-reviewed research contributions, many which are quite well cited.  I am a solid teacher with consistently good student ratings, and I have been nominated but have never received Distinguished Teacher status.  I have patents, book chapters and over 40 graduate students supervised.  I think I have had a successful career to this point.   If you want a high level look at some of my contributions, click here to see some youtube videos or click here to see a somewhat updated list of publications

I am also a father of 9, a musician, a music critic, an avid soccer player and have been involved in the business community with two hi-tech start-up companies.


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