I have referred to this video often in class and explains a lot of what we see in society these days.  Grit and perseverance is needed again in our education system!  Click here to check it out.

A slightly longer and more detailed talk is here.

One of the fallacies that students have is that they can multi-task.  They are convinced that they can follow a lecture while getting caught up with their social media on their laptop.   Research now shows that this is not the case.  To make matters worse, it appears that those around the distracted student will also have their marks impacted in a negative manner!  Click here for the complete article but read the abstract for a summary of the results.  Here is a key quote from the discussion section:  “Ultimately, however, these results clearly demonstrate that the use of laptops can have serious negative consequences.  These results suggest that the negative influence of in-class laptop use is two-pronged; laptop use is negatively associated with student learning and it poses a distraction to fellow students.”

Okay, students.  You know the consequences…. now put the laptops away and concentrate!

In my book, I speak about the value of letting our children fail.  Now, there is yet anther article that reinforces my findings.   Check out the video as well!